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5 Dec 2018

October – November 2018



By: Leandro, Pilar, Marton, Chrysanthi and Rodrigo



Football Tournament – 20/11/2018


Me (Leandro) and Marton went on Saturday to a football tournament. It was a very interesting experience for sure. I was taking some videos and Marton took some photos. I was filming continuously, I had to constantly follow the action of the players, and I had to make sure to record interesting moments of the tournament.


This tournament is organised by the Greek Forum of Migrants every year, and i liked that i participated on this one. The tournament is about against racism and discrimination, due to its name “Antiracist Tournament”.



Erasmus Event at HYP! – 26/10/2018



It was a nice and a great experience for me to participate on this event.


The 2 main objectives on which it was based were:
Understand the Erasmus + program by deepening in the Youth Exchanges, Training Courses and European Voluntary Services.
Recognize some prejudices instilled in society about multiculturalism.



It was the first time for me i ever had contact with these kind of activities. It was a very nice experience and i liked it, it was fun and educational at the same time..


We did a structure of the activities, like name games, we used “limbo dance” as energizer. “Tower of cups” another activity, it was about collaborating with each other with only hands and we had to trust the others so can build the tower again. The other activity was the World cafe, which it was very nice, because we had to use our knowledge and learn also from the others. We set 3 topics for discussion, Youth exchange, Training course and EVS. So we divided the group into 3 smaller groups and for each table we had one big paper and a different topic, so we had to write on the paper what we know and the 3 groups had to rotate and go from all the 3 tables to share what they know. Another interesting activity was “Word to word”, which we had a list of words, stereotypes and cultural symbolisms and we had to write the first word that pops in our mind when we listen to these words and the outcome was the stereotypes we create through our societies.



Secret places of Athens – 7/11/2018




This activity was my favourite because it was something i was actively involved in it and i liked this feeling of discovering the city to find something important and hidden. We went for a quest to find the artificial openings that lead to the hill of the Nymphs, Philopappus and Pnykas.


All these points are connected and underground. And we found them. We splitted into 2 groups, me Leandro and Pilar and Marton and Rodrigo went to search for other places.


On the way for this exploration we found a place that was very interesting and after we found the hidden opening, we went there for a drink.


I think both teams really enjoyed this quest in the city, and also each one as an individual we had our own thoughts and feelings about this experience.



KYPSELI”StreetLights / The Hive” day 2 14/11/2018


This day we started our activities in Kypseli, exactly in the Association. We went with various activities previously planned but finally we had to adjust to the reality of the place and made a change, coloring with the youngest children their own hands on papers and then everyone could take their “work” home, they also made drawings with plasticine.



While we were doing the activities with the younger children, the older ones played pool, the ball, play station and even cooked brownies… Because at 18.30 (kind of) all the children make a circle, and with the background music, they play together (younger and older children), after the game, they share what they have cooked.


The coordinators were very kind and offered to take part in the Friday dinner to meet us and enjoy time together, coordinators and volunteers. It was an incredible experience, the children danced, played, laughed, watched movies, cooked … For me it was one of the best experiences I have had since I was part of HYP. Although I have to say that I’ve only been here two weeks.










English Language Cafe – 20/11/2018


The English Language Cafe was an activity that we decided to do to improve the language and at the same time meet people from different countries who also want to improve their English.


We called the first activity “Speed ​​dating” to get to know each other a little better and to know how we called each other, where we were from, why we were in Athens …


We also did other activities such as “Desert Island” in which we chose a profession or an object and we had to say why we should survive.


And we discussed issues of real importance, such as social media, children and technology … All while enjoying a hot coffee or tea.


The truth was very funny, we learned new words and different points of view.


We hope that in the next, more people will join and we can do more things.









KYPSELI“StreetLights / The Hive – 22/11/2018


Second day in Kypseli was great. We started playing with children, pool, table football … so we could get to know each other better, since the same children are not always there.We played music and more children began to arrive and even some parents with them.


Then I started with a couple of children to write words in Spanish on the board, and more children joined, so we decided to go to a table with paper and pen and write the words in Greek and Spanish, and then pronounce them.


They helped me a lot because my Greek is not very good, I had to say the same word several times, but the children are very patient and always help you.


To finish our day at Kypseli we made crafts with the little ones and took them home to give to their parents and teachers.



Your Non Formal Library 

Last but not least, the main goal of our project is to create an online library for non formal activities. In order to achieve that we have been working in the digital aspects of this library (we discussed how we want this library to look like, the use and how everything will be quality tested. Also, we have worked on some non formal activities, on the importance of the quality and the format.


Youth Calls 

Since our project is almost finished and we are in the final countdown we are trying to create our final activities and to finalize the activities we are engaged in! We are working in the final materials of the project, we are producing a Volunteer guidebook and a video from our experience! Moreover, our team is organizing the Volun’Athens event on the 14/12 in order to celebrate the volunteer’s day!


Stay tuned to learn more about our activities!

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blog: https://evsathens.wordpress.com/ 

email: evsvolunteers.hyp@gmail.com 

podcasts: http://hellenicyouthparticipation.com/podcast/ 


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