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19 Mar 2019


TC “Gamifica(c)tion, Ivančice Czech Republic

Call to action:

Phase 1: Receive the call to Ivančice
Phase 2: Book the tickets
Phase 3: Get to Ivančice. Change 5 trains, 2 buses, 1 plane and 1 car ride.
Phase 4: Be on time, eat potatoes and weird bread (dumplings), talk to kind
local people, get comfortable in your room, meet new people, learn their
names (and try to pronounce them correctly), exchange information and
experience, connect your passions with new friends.
Phase 5: Explore new games, learn new theory, search for their applicability,
debrief-debrief-debrief, express your opinion, share your feelings (and your
food), listen to the music so that you are never late, laugh with your new
friends and share your chocolate.
Phase 6: Express your desired topic, find your partners, make a team, apply
the knowledge, look for the creativity inside of you, write the mechanics, write
every little detail, get inspiration and change everything, obsess about small
details that feel big, laugh a lot and finish the ^$@#*^&* game.
Phase 7: Perform! Sweat, run, get nervous but appear cool, smile while
petrified and support others, get angry, have loads of fun and run again!!
Phase 8: Evaluate, debrief (for the last time, we hope), disseminate, plan
future collaborations, add people on facebook, promise to be BFFs and say
Phase 9: Take the trip home, think of actual applications to your life, create a follow-up event, get the return melancholy and get back to reality.

Ivi, Konstantinos, Eleni

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