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Developing eduLARP methodology to prevent violent radicalization of young people.


Trends and phenomena among many young people in Europe:
• raise of populism and radicalization among young people in Europe,
• democratic values and human rights ideology are no longer trusted,
• contesting establishment, withdrawing from political engagement,
• alternative realities, alternative news, alternative communities resulting in: nationalism, xenophobia, racism, antifeminism, escapism, alienation.

Course of action:
• Reach out to young people on a risk of exclusion (young angry),
• Designing methodology to tackle their critical thinking, redefine/redesign/rethink views and attitude.


Our goal is to prevent violent radicalization, xenophobia, nationalism, racism as ideologies and attitudes undermining the value and dignity of other people of young people in Europe on 2 levels:
– Generic prevention – keeping non-judgement, open eyes, understanding, empathy,
– Prevention of specific aspects of radicalisation in our countries (e.g. nationalism, anti-refugee attitudes, fundamentalism).

Specific objectives:
• to prepare in depth analysis for LARP scenarios based on experiences and life stories of young people from around Kraków, Udevalla, Palermo, Tallin and Bavaria.
• to use eduLARP to combat identified aspects/levels of radicalisation among above mentioned young people,
• to develop complex educational methodology – eduLARP – using developed scenarios for young people from our regions.

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