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Go Out Bring In


Duration 6 months : February 2019 – July 2019


Topic: outdoor activities , volunteering, youth participation, inclusion, engagement of young people


Through this project we are aiming to encourage them youth, to become active citizens and support their own initiatives, in a non-formal way. We want to focus at the outdoor activities because we think Athenians have a lot of opportunities to attend indoors seminars and trainings, which are very important, but there are not many opportunities to attend workshops and experiencial activities in the nature.

We desire to “Bring IN” new people in the designed activities of the organization by “Going OUT” as the title of this project claims. “Go OUT- Bring IN” is an opportunity for young people from 2 countries to participate in a voluntary project in Athens Greece and expand their horizons and grow personally and professionally. HYP with this application is aiming to empower its volunteering team in order to give more emphasis in outdoor activities and enrich the participation in sports connected to the environment as a tool for inclusion. Volunteers together with the staff will create activities in open spaces as parks, squares and central areas of Athens for the specific target groups of minors, young adults and people with fewer opportunities.

-Empower two young volunteers to become young activists in local level

-Create series of activities in open spaces

-Organize non formal activities in other organisations for people with fewer opportunities

-Create online and offline campaigns for the promotion of erasmus+

-Support the existed activities of the organization such as the web radio, social media, blogs, website

-Create voluntary activities in local level 

-Organize workshops about environment, awareness, inclusion, outdoor activities


-Organize workshops, non formal activities with the local youngsters

-Organize outdoor activities for inclusion (work with Roma kids &

migrants) such as field games, activities in the parks of Athens,

-Support the activities of the local partner organisations,

-Support the office,

-Erasmus+ projects,

-Local events about the environment, human rights, inclusion,

stereotypes, hate speech etc,

-Promotion of European opportunities and volunteerism,

-Create online materials and support the social media of the

organisation (website, youtube, radio etc)

-Teach your own language through non formal activities such as

language cafe, intercultural nights, movie nights etc



-Develop skills and good practices for empowering and including

young people in NF education

-Support young volunteers to organize and implement their ideas

in a youth organization by giving them tools that they will use in

the labor market.

-Exchange of good practices from local organizations to European

partners and vice versa through the creation of a handbook on

good practices and local actions

-Reaching more young people in local level and give them the

opportunity to participate in activities

-Promote volunteering through non-formal learning activities

-Inform about Erasmus +and general opportunities for active

participation in local and international level


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