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4 Mar 2021

Job interview? Do not worry. Here are some tips to stand out



Learn as much as you can about the job as well as about the workplace you will be working in. It is unbelievable how the candidates ignore this part of the interview. If you know the job and the workplace, you will be able to talk about the reasons you want that specific job. If you do not know where you want to work then it will not be easy to convince your future employer. Ideally prepare for the interview with a friend. Introduce yourself to him, before the actual interview, to see if there are things you need to fix.


Work experience

It is expected that you will be asked about your work experience. A question that seems simple to answer, but may not be. You should talk quickly but concisely about the subject of your job, without gabbling, but giving all the necessary information that helps the employer to connect your experience with the offered position.


Body Language

It is important that throughout the interview the body shows confidence as well as interest in the conversation. This means that movements that indicate nervousness, such as a nervous shaking of the leg or hands, or avoiding the gaze of the person who is interviewing you , do not help to send the right message. Our body reacts based on the emotions of the moment. When you are yourself, you show interest and at the same time you have prepared before the interview, so as to be confident enough that you can take that specific job, nothing can stop you.


Why you should ask questions

At the end of the interview, you will be asked if there are any questions. It is important to ask your employer about the job you are being interviewed for. The questions show that you are really interested in the essence of the job, but also in the position. On the contrary,  the lack of questions, show haste or indifference.  So it is a good idea to prepare a few questions before the interview.


Thank you email after the interview

Something that can make you noticeable is to send a thank you email after the interview. This will give you another chance to show how interested you are in this particular job and to remind, in a discreet way, why you are the perfect candidate.

You can conquer the world! Believe in yourself and everything will go well

Good luck!

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This article was created by young people for the project YouthMPower which is co-funded by the Erasmus+ of the European Union


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