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4 Mar 2021

Video Interview: get ready


Video interviews are our COVID reality. Here are some extra tips for video interview


  • -First and foremost! Make sure your microphone and speakers are working, that your camera is where you want it to be, and that it also works well.
  • -Make sure you use a business name when logging in.
  • -Find a quiet place with adequate lighting (preferably natural). Also make sure that the spot where you will sit will have something neutral in the back or put a blur background, a function that is possible on many platforms. Have everything you may need during the interview (pencil, paper, resume, water).
  • -Make sure your clothing is close to the dress code of the company you will work for. When the time for the interview comes, you need to have a professional appearance so that you make a good impression. Although you do not meet the interviewer in person, it is important that you dress professionally.
  • -Make sure you have good eye contact during the interview. In the case of video call this can be more difficult as you will have to focus your gaze directly on the camera, instead of the interviewer or your own face.
  • -In the case of video interview you need as well to prepare with a friend. First of all in order to see that everything is technically ok and then in order to be asked interview questions. If you videotape the “interview” with your friend and watch it, it can help you improve.


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The best of luck!


This article was created by young people for the project YouthMPower which is co-funded by the Erasmus+ of the European Union

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