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Your Non Formal library

Νon Formal Library is an initiative of Hellenic Youth Participation that came to life by the program “Your Non Formal Library” funded by the European Voluntary Service of Erasmus + Key Action 1 for October 2018 – August 2019. Three young people from Europe came to Athens to become part of a large group of people with a common goal: to spread non-formal learning and to promote it to young people, educators, teachers, trainers, facilitators and anyone interested in non-formal education. The library is translated in three languages ​​and our main goal is to translate it to more languages, making it even more accessible to everyone.


Volunteers from Spain and Cyprus, contributed to this effort in designing and implementing the activities as well as in creating the material.


All the effort made during these 9 months was put into practice through different and varied events organized by the volunteers.


Events such as Language Café and tandem, not only in English, but also in Spanish, Italian, French, Greek and Polish with the aim to offer young people across Europe, Greeks and foreigners, the possibility of improving English and learning a little other languages ​​through non-formal activities such as name games, team buildings, debates, outdoor activities. They also had the opportunity to present their culture and meet that of the other volunteers with intercultural nights where they presented and shared the gastronomy, music and traditions of each country with more volunteers from other organizations. And also holding events like preparation meeting for young people who were going to participate in exchanges, training course or who were interested in participating in the EVS now called ESC.


During this period the volunteers have also collaborated with other organizations. The volunteers collaborated with the NGO Greek Forum of Migrants in events such as IntegraFest where migrant communities and organizations presented another path to integration in the greek society through the culture, solidarity and promoting the values ​​of being a community, but also a family. Connected with this event the volunteers were helping to Greek Forum of Migrants preparing the events as we mentioned, and another as a walking in the city center called “Walk Against Discrimination”. Other volunteers collaborated with NGOs such as Streetlight or Mosaico House which work with children and the volunteers helped these organizations by creating creative and artistic activities.


In addition, the volunteers had the opportunity to develop their personal projects and do it on the topics that most interested them, such as sports, where a football tournament was organized, events related to nature such as “Hakuna Matata- challenge in the Park” or about mindfulness that allowed us to know ourselves better, or the development of a series of events about Europe, its operation and institutions and the elections to the European Parliament.


For this, the volunteers have had the opportunity, before each event, to review the activities and practice them with the help of a coach, who supervised and helped the volunteers with the activities, in addition to specific training for the volunteers themselves that allowed strengthening the companionship and the relationship between them.

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