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27 Jan 2021

Youth M Power: Training Course of youthworkers


In October 2020, a training course of youthworkers was implemented in Murzasichle, Poland with the main aim to develop their skills with theatre methodology. Here is the reflection of the HYP team:


Youth M Power.Breaking the unemployment barrier is the forth program I participated in.

In recent years I have attended other physical theater seminars but this one was completely different. Due to the excellent instructor and the very structured exercises we did.

«Technique, self-knowledge and adulthood» I would call it,  if I could “re-baptize” the project.

I learned a lot about my limits, different perspectives of life, self-confidence.I felt a huge acceptance, first from the environment and then from myself . For the first time I won my stage fright.

As a director – writer and instructor, I will use the tools I got from the program to my future films also in my future trainings for sure. I am already doing rehearsals  on a play by Samuel Beckett with a lot of elements of physical theater. So if you ask me, I am breaking , already , my unemployment barrier. 

Aspa, 34, Athens


This project in Poland,”Youth M Power.Breaking the unemployment barrier”, was my second youth exchange.For both projects, theatre had a part to play. I chose the projects because I have a passion for theatre/improvisation and because as a future educator I think theatrical expression is an important tool for various subjects such as developing narrative skills, enabling individuals to better understand the society and relationships in the society. Plus, it is entertaining and engaging. But what does theatre have to do with employability? How can it possibly be used in order to “break the unemployment barrier?”. Those were my thoughts as I applied for the project and even during the beginning of the project. But like with building blocks, our instructor, step by step, gave us one part of a tool with each exercise, built the knowledge and my questions were met with answers. But learning all those new informations was only a part of the whole Erasmus+ experience. I got to travel to a new country, taste a small part of the culture and meet some amazing people with whom I had mind broadening conversations! I also lived through an adventure for which I will be talking about for a very long time. I can summarize that adventure by giving you this tip: Make sure you have all the important documents and don’t forget/skip the travel insurance! In the end, I absolutely recommend grasping an opportunity like this as mine left me excited for more! – Christina,Larissa,22


In the beginning of October 2020, I had the opportunity to be part of the 1st training (Poland) of “Youth M. Power. Breaking the unemployment barrier”, which was about theatre and improvisation as tools to combat unemployment. I chose this program because I truly believe theatre can change people’s lives for the better, as it helps in the personal and social development; one’s connection with one’s self and others. All this, in a natural and entertaining way. Theatre can contribute to the practice of being fully present, being creative, staying connected and offering solutions for the team… the stage and the labour market have these important things in common. I believe that I can use the tools acquired in the training, so as to help young people view reality, including work life, as an adventure or a challenge, rather than a threat. This particular training reminded me how important it is to experiment, to approach everything like it’s a wonder, to be curious, to develop an “ever learning” and “ever playing” attitude towards life. Ultimately, I remembered how vital it is to face reality with an open mind, an active body and a kind soul.
I am happy we, as a team, managed to “narrate” our stories and to notice how every action and reaction can be meaningful. Last, but for sure, not least, in this precious training I had the chance to meet precious people, that, for sure, I will carry in me. That is the reason why I anticipate to spread this knowledge and help with the creation of communities that share such values. Garyfalia, Athens, 23

In October I participated in a training course called Youth M Power: Breaking the unemployment barrier. Having the opportunity to receive training through the non-formal education methodology, dramatic and improvisational tools and techniques was an experience that made me reconsider a lot of things about life and social situation.

The sessions were a “safe place” for me. I felt free to express myself and feelings. I reconnected with my mind, body and soul, and at the same time I connected with 14 people in a very unique way. We saw each other vulnerable and strong, young and old, happy and sad, moving and standing. We hugged each other and we communicated in a non-verbal way. The respect of the experimentation, of creativity and of personality of the other were part of our experience and had contributed to create a strong bond as a team.

The landscape in Murzasichle was so peaceful and we were free of external disturbances. Because of the pandemic, we interacted only with the group so we had the chance to experience the whole week as a team.

I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to be a part of this training course and I feel that as a person I grew bigger, more open and free of fears. I am grateful to all the people who helped me get to know myself better and showed me a new perspective for life. I gained a lot of things, some of those can’t even be described as they lose their meaning.

“Always be a yes-person.”

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