I Feel Good

Details for the Activity

  • Topic: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
  • Place: Abroad
  • Duration: 2021-2023

The Covid-19 pandemic and the related quarantine measures have caused significant challenges in the lives of young people, the impact of which is still being felt today. The OECD research findings confirm the significant psychological effects of social distancing and quarantine measures on young people that have caused stress, anxiety and loneliness.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of taking measures for the physical and mental health as well as prevention. Young people are very often careless in such matters for different reasons, such as youthful maximalism and the belief that nothing bad will ever happen to them, lack of information about the causes of viral infections, the methods of their spread, their consequences and possible ways to protect against them.

 In the framework of the "I Feel Good" project, we aim to equip trainers, coaches, leaders, educators and members of the health community in health care and prevention measures with different creative methods such as:
-visual tools, such as drawing, sketching, sketching, making videos, posters, graphs, mind mapping, writing on the board, etc.,
-plastic art forms (theatre, dance and bodyworks), on how to express themselves, using the body and voice and to be aware of personal body language and self-expression.

Through the cooperation with the organisations ASL TO3 (Italy), Punto Europa (Italy), CinEduMedia (Spain), Chance (Germany), Lietuvos Issetines Sklerozes Sajunga (Lithuania) and TEIS (Hungary), Hellenic Youth Participation has the opportunity to create local workshops, informal meetings, trainings, as well as a publication and a toolkit with innovative methodology of creative tools and activities to promote health and prevention in young people.

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The I Feel Good project is co-financed by Erasmus+ of the European Union.