Human Rights

people protesting

HYP is an organization that aims to develop, raise awareness and activate young people. From the moment of its establishment until today, it considers human rights inalienable for people of all ages, which is why it insists on actions of activism and awakening of young people, being a point of reference for those who aim to become active in local and at European level, to be educated on European issues, to develop a sense of belonging and to share their knowledge with their peers. Freedom, equality, democracy, the right to work and education are key pillars on which, through collective effort, we will build the society of tomorrow.

At HYP, there are actions at the local level related to the debate, the no hate speech movement as well as democratic values and human rights education. The organization has been subsidized through the Erasmus + program for the implementation of the program "Youth Votes for Europe" with the main goal of informing and educating young people from 7 countries to actively participate in the European elections which are a key tool democracy. At the same time, it implements the Power to Change program, the aim of which is to create promotional actions against hate speech, using art as a key tool.

In November-December 2020, HYP implemented a training of human rights trainers with participants from all over Greece. The members of the group had the opportunity to be trained on issues related to human rights and more specifically the right to education, the rights of the child, the history of human rights, the refugee etc. The training lasted one month and at the end of the action the trainees were able to have an overall picture of their rights and their violation.

In 2019, the HYP team designed an escape room with a basic human rights theme, which was attended by more than 120 people who had the opportunity to experience first human rights and secondly an experiential journey from home security to refugee condition.

The above actions are some of the good practices designed and implemented by HYP together with a large group of educators, young people, teenagers and coordinators with the main goal of engaging young people with social issues, awareness and development of European Identity.