Art and Creativity

Art and Creativity

Art is a key tool used by HYP to give everyone the opportunity for empowerment and creativity. Our view is that all individuals have the necessary skills to express themselves creatively and through targeted actions can find a way to discover it.

Since 2016, we have been supporting Memory, a journey of self-discovery through art, Gestalt psychotherapy, dance therapy, drama therapy, yoga and consciousness. Through these tools we develop the self-awareness and self-confidence of the participants for 5 consecutive years, knowing great success.

Using art, we create specialized workshops such as the 20-hour workshop "Be an Ally" that connects cinema with systemic racism promoted through art. The issues of superiority, the male gaze, tradition, etc. are discussed and challenged through the eyes of young people living in Greece.

Responding to the developments, HYP implemented online workshops with a wide range of workshops on art (collage, creative writing, poetry, conscious design) to more than 250 young people in Greece in order to combat isolation during the COVID19 pandemic19. By creating these small groups, we support young people to deal with stress and isolation through art as well as to acquire new skills.

In addition, in the last year, we have created the project “The Urban Gallery Game” , which aims to use street art (tool of the street) as a tool for contact with the local community. The participants play a treasure hunt in the center of Athens, looking to find the graffiti for which they have been given specific information and after discovering them talk to passers-by and residents of each area to see what the meaning of the project is, what it is its impact on the neighborhood and the community and how the area has changed with the contribution of art.