Environment - Nature – Mindfulness

globe with trees

Nature is an inspiration to HYP and its members, so caring for the Earth and the environment is both a value and a necessity. The serious challenges facing our planet concern every human being and the climate crisis calls on us not to stand as passive spectators. That is why our team is fighting for the Earth, in whatever means and ways it has. In day-to-day operations, project management and methodologies, HYP ensures that it has the smallest possible environmental footprint. At the same time, the organization aims to raise awareness of the local community and young people not only through information and awareness but also through actions and environmental groups.

In terms of the programs we have participated in, HYP in 2020 took part in the international festival “Raise Your Voice” on the effects of fast fashion on both nature and human rights. At the same time, since the beginning of 2020, he has been supporting the solidarity program “Solidarity for Fashion” and his team, which creates collaborations with local companies to raise public awareness on issues related to fast fashion and the environment.

During the years 2020-2021, HYP created the program “Volunteers for Environment” through which a local group of volunteers from Greece and Europe created social change by organizing awareness campaigns, cleaning of public spaces and material for social media.
At the same time, HYP organizes and hosts numerous local environmental seminars on climate crisis, upcycling and recycling, sustainable development, etc. He has also participated in international campaigns such as “Let’s do it!” for beach cleaning and the “Climate Change-your problem”, in collaboration with Youth and Environment Europe (YEE).
At the same time, HYP promotes sustainable mobility and environmental change in schools and promotes contact with nature through its programs.
In the framework of the KA2 Strategic Partnerships program “People, Places, Partnerships” two events were organized in the Gendarmerie park in which more than 300 young people participated.The Park Challenge, a treasure hunt with non-formal education toys and the Park Challenge: Green edition in which trees were planted and the park cleared.
Finally, the “Mind your Mind” program on nature and consciousness gave the opportunity to a group of 15 people to develop their skills related to consciousness and the methods of connecting people with nature.