The program was attended by 35 young people from Greece, Germany and Finland. 14 teenagers from Greece participated and send us their experience:


This program was first of all one of my favorites and of course unforgettable! Through this program I learned how to be able to protect the environment and to create a better future for the planet for future generations. In this program I made new friends, I learned how the people of that country live. It was really nice and I would definitely like to go again and see all these guys again. My experience was enjoyable and I am grateful because it was a life opportunity. I believe that many people would like to have the experience that I was able to have because it was a life opportunity.


This trip to Finland was very interesting for me, I managed to learn a lot of things concerning the protection of the environment and I have already implemented them. In addition, it was a very special trip since we had activities in which we laughed a lot.


The program in Finland was very nice, it filled me with new knowledge and experiences and I met people I would like to keep in touch with. I met two new cultures, very different from my culture and I had an unforgettable time.


It was a very nice experience that I will never forget. Through programs like this you not only learn things about other peoples and make friends, but you also form your character, and you become a better person. You accept the difference as well as any whim that one may have. You can actually learn something but the way you learn it is better than learning the same thing at school. We learned a lot about climate change, without even realizing it, through various activities and discussions. Overall, it was something unforgettable that I would definitely do again. 


It was the first time I participated in a youth exchange and I was very happy when I was selected. The experience was amazing and I am sure I will remember it forever. Through the program I met different cultures and people with whom I will never lose touch. I also learned a lot more about a topic to which I am very aware. It was a life experience for me.


The trip to Finland was incredible! We made new acquaintances, visited a wonderful place, which gave us many experiences, various information about global warming and gave us the opportunity to spend 9 days in a foreign country with other people of our age! I am very happy and excited to be able to be an active member of this team / family! 


It was my first program I had a fantastic time! Through Erasmus + I was given the opportunity to meet and work with people from different age groups, from different countries. The activities and discussions we had raised my awareness on the issue of climate change. It was an unforgettable experience and I look forward to the summer program.