Grow your ideas, Horezu, Romania

For a couple of weeks at the end of summer 42  young people  from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania Greece and Turkey all got together  stayed at a small Romanian city named Horezu.

Why do you ask? The answer is simple: All of them chose to participate in an Erasmus+ project called “Grow Your Ideas”. The topic of this youth exchange program was entrepreneurship. Basically through activities,  workshops and discussions shared between the participants and the facilitators we all got to know more about entrepreneurship and acquire valuable soft and hard skills that every young entrepreneur should have. If you want to learn more about it, just keep on reading the Greek team’s Testimonials!


Aris Kefalogiannis, 21,  Leader

This Erasmus + had something special , something unique for all the participants . We are 42 people but we had power chemistry like a team with a lot of years experience. I met unique personalities and I am very proud about my Greek team that it had main role in the workshops . I think that my best highlights for this program is the paper clip challenge that improve our sales skills and of course all the intercultural night


Alexis Rembetsis, 24,  Participant

For me this was my second Erasmus + and I didn’t expect to take so many things .Firstly frοm the people that’s provide me knowledge and skills that will be useful for my personal life. Secondly, the skills that I took about the entrepreneurship. And thirdly the feeling of a big family that was created between 6 countries of Europe.

 Aikaterini Tasiou, 21,  Participant

This was the very first time I participated in an Erasmus+ youth exchange program but it most certainly won’t be the last! The “Grow Your Ideas” project definitely exceeded all my expectations. Through the numerous interactive activities and innovative workshops I saw myself learning so many useful things in such an amazing non-typical manner! My favorite thing through the entire project though had to be  the fact that for every activity we got divided into different multiracial teams. Those discussions I’ve had with my fellow participants will definitely be unforgettable. I really wish I could go back in time and relive this amazing experience! I’m so glad  I took the chance and applied!

Iason Giapitzakis,  20,  Participant

This was my first time participating in an Erasmus+ project. I’m very satisfied with how it turned out and I’m certain that it won’t be my last! Not only do you gain knowledge on a specific topic (entrepreneurship in our case), but you also get to exchange ideas with people so different yet so similar to you in a multicultural environment. I believe that it’s an experience that can benefit you on so many aspects of your life.

Domniki Melliou, 19,  Participant

The project ended but the memories of it will be always kept deep in my mind. Having never been in an Erasmus+ before, I was really hesitant to travel alone to Romania with 42 other participants from different countries. But from the first minute I stepped into the bus, which would drive us to horezu, all my fears disappeared. 10 days full of hugs, laughs, new experiences, cooperation and dancing passed unexpectedly quick leaving me a whole different person, more confident, full of motivation to join new activities and realize my ideas, with friends from 6 nationalities, knowledge on entrepreneurship and much more. Now I just hope that I will have the opportunity to live again such an amazing experience in the future.

Stamatia Paraskevoudi, 26, Participant

This Erasmus + Project was an unforgettable experience for me!!
I learnt a lot about entrepreneurship and also I made a business plan about my idea with a great team!! The workshops teach me to work as a team …be more organized and diligent! I enjoyed the energizers and also the intercultural nights! I’m  certain that it won’t be my last project!!

Vasilis Stratopoulos,  30, Participant

Personally I enjoyed the whole project from Day 1 till the very last moment that we got out of the bus at Bucharest. The project made me remind to myself my worth and my potentials. There was a magic atmosphere where we all helped each other to grow our ideas but most importantly grow ourselves, no matter nationalities and this is the reason I believe this project was more than successful. Now, I know that learning from each other is far better than any other form of education and I’m really glad I was part of it. All the workshops were great, really educational and interactive thanks to the leader of the project who is an amazing person.