Violence is not our way

This  summer, the teenagers from the local team  of HYP had the opportunity to participate in youth exchanges in Europe, meet other teenagers and discuss a variety of issues that concern them.

Christos, Vasileia, Fedon, Nefeli, Vasilis, Pavlos, Dimitris and Dimitra together with the leaders Nefeli and Marietta participated in the Youth Exchange of “Violence is NOT our way” in Croatia. Young people from Croatia, Italy, Spain, France, Finland and Greece participated in this exchange.

Young people share their experience with us:


In the program I participated in, I particularly liked the relationship with the  participants  from other countries and the activities we did on a daily basis. I learned about the lifestyles of the other 5 countries and their customs.


I really liked the relationship we had with the other guys from the participating countries. The activities helped us build a better relationship with each other and we learn a lot about other’s ways of thinking. Finally, I learned several ways to deal with violence and methods we can use to combat it (such as the role of the mediator). This program was very interesting and the experiences were exciting.


In the program I liked all the activities that had to do with  getting to know each other. We could learn more about the countries of the others, try their food and dance traditional dances. The subject of the program was very enjoyable, I learned how to deal with situations of violence and ways to discuss with others about issues that we may have different points of view.


In the program that I participated in, I had fun as I learned a lot about the other countries involved. This was done through activities, quizzes and cultural evenings. I also got to know guys from different countries, which helped me improve my English. I liked very much the program as it was very creative.


I had a great time in the program and learned many new things. First of all, I liked meeting new people from other countries and learning through intercultural dialogue about others’ customs and their daily routine. In addition, I liked that I used English and at the same time heard languages ​​from other countries. Through the theme of the program, I discovered new ways to deal with violence and solve various problems effectively. Finally, the experiences and memories I have gained are unique and certainly unforgettable.


The program was amazing! I learned many techniques for dealing with violence through the activities I participated in (the theater of oppressed and mediator). I loved meeting new people, different cultures and had the opportunity to exchange views. This experience will be unforgettable to me.


The program gave me the opportunity to meet people and cultures from countries that I might never had been able to reach without the program. I am also grateful for the information I have received on dealing with violence in our daily lives through the use of theater of the oppressed and with the mediating methods. So the program was an opportunity to gain new knowledge as well as new unforgettable experiences.


The program I attended enabled me not only to get in touch with people my age and get to know their culture and habits but also to reflect on the issue of violence. Through many activities I have learned ways to deal with violence, which will definitely have an impact on my daily life. So, in addition to new acquaintances, the program also provided me with useful insights into both the core theme of the program, violence, and at the same time with other people with whom I might not have come into contact without it.


In the program “Violence is not our way” I earned a lot of knowledge. As a group leader, I came in contact with young people and saw different ways of thinking  and understanding, people with different cultural backgrounds. So I have acquired a variety of tools that will help me both personally and professionally.


This program, like any Erasmus + program, has a lot to give you. As the others have already mentioned, it is an unforgettable experience. You meet people from all over the world, you learn and interact. For me as the group leader, it is my pleasure to accompany the participants  to such an experience, that really helps to shape their personality and creates a framework of solidarity and dialogue.

Here you can find videos from the youth exchange: