The Stage is ours

The program gave me a lot of technical knowledge about theater, cinema, editing and photography which I would like to use in my later professional career mainly in the audiovisual field. At the same time, through the workshops I was able to gain more confidence, I was given the opportunity to work with people from other countries and to get in touch with different cultures and ways of thinking, something that broadened my horizons.

Aphrodite, 23

I made many friends and shared experiences and relationships with people from other countries. The program also helped me to expose myself, to express myself and to speak in front of an audience freely.

Aspa, 32

-Creative fever.


Lots of love from everyone.

It's the best program I've been to!

The creative fever of the whole day for me was connected both personally and socially with the environment. Personal expression and freedom always have to do with someone else. We did not work alone. We have always been part of a team. Also the trainers had excellent knowledge of their field and were charismatic mentors, which made me trust them to travel with me!

Many things changed after this program.

I learned a lot from the other participants. I felt comfortable in an environment full of love and respect for each other. And the responsibility I had as a leader made me prioritize the protection and support of all participants. Professionally I think it changed the way I approach my stories. I learned that the body always tells the truth and that it has the ability to unlock history. The mobilization of the body changes the way of thinking.

George, 20 

This program was my first Erasmus+ experience. My impressions are great. I had a great time and learned things. I accomplished several goals that I set when stating the program and I am very satisfied. I also saw how theater can be utilized for a specific purpose, something I intend to develop in Greece. Professionally, I consider that it has contributed significantly to my ability to work and collaborate with people from other countries.

Sophia, 22

Although this is my first time participating in a youth exchange program, it has been a unique experience. What impressed me even more than the activities, was the atmosphere that existed inside the house with the participants as well as with these exceptional people of Natur Kultur. We operated within a community. There was mutual respect, not only from the participants, to each other but also a respect for the environment inside (home) and outside (village). Also important was the fact that everyone participated in the activities as much as they could and that was respected. So little by little people, like me, who did not feel confident about ourselves, were finally able to "improvise" or play in a movie and that came out quite naturally.

Thanasis, 19

It was the first program I participated in and I can say that it left me with amazing impressions. Everything, from the location, the people I met, the activities we had, the atmosphere between us or the intimacy was wonderful. We were all so happy and cheerful with the whole program, I will remember faces and situations for a long time.