How is to be volunteer in Zagreb?

The experience of living abroad offering volunteer work is a unique and absolutely amazing experience. First of all, your contact with the country in which you are in Croatia directly affects your aesthetic perception.

Croatia is a beautiful country and Zagreb is a European capital that has nothing to envy from its other counterparts but that in a way its provincialism offers to the charm and tranquillity of the city.

Then it is your common life with the members of the rest of the group. The biggest life lesson I have ever learned! I must also emphasise that different cultures, languages, mentalities that live under the same roof exchange views and achieve a common goal, when that happens it is simply majestic.

The friendships and bonds that emerge are touching. Within the short period of two months, the confessions, the conversations, the revelations of secrets, the

open opening of the heart and mind to the other, the sharing of emotions, was our daily routine. Making real friends is a blessing in disguise, and it's wonderful to do so quickly and deeply. Working, travelling, offering and living together, we all shared a unique life experience that we will never forget and will carry forever in the baggage of our lives.

Top of potentials was a volunteering teams project organised by Ocean Znanja u RH that took place in Omanovac, Croatia from the 10th of August until the 1st of September 2021. The project was funded by the Agency of mobility and EU programs through the European solidarity corps program of the European Commission.

Konseta Maria Freri