In Italy... by bike!

Hi everybody!

We are Dimitris and Dimitra and we just returned from Lecce, Italy, where we participated in a 5-week volunteer program with the organization VulcanicaMente.

There we worked with 8 other volunteers from Spain, Estonia, Romania and Italy to organize a 12-day cycling trip around the Salento area. The purpose of the program was to promote the bicycle as a way of sustainable transportation but also to get in touch with other young people who want to volunteer. During our trip to Italy we had the opportunity to interview locals to get to know the local culture better, while we also participated in discussions on environmental issues. For our part, we organized events to promote the culture of our country and activities to mobilize young people in the region to engage in international and voluntary activities.

Although it was not our first time abroad, the excitement of experiencing a different culture and way of life remains the same, and the overall experience left us changed and certainly richer in experiences. Through the program we learned about cycling and environmental activism but also about ourselves, our capabilities and limits. Living in another country working in a multicultural environment is a learning experience that you can not easily find anywhere else and something we would highly recommend everyone try!