The experience of Natasha in Spain

My name is Natasha and a month ago my trip to Tarragona, Spain started for me. Here I participate in a volunteer program of the European Solidarity Corps in the Non-Profit Organization "Globbers" together with 6 other volunteers (2 from Spain, 1 from Greece, 1 Lithuania, 1 Thailand and two from Turkey).

Our first 3 weeks were full of new experiences and challenges. We helped organize three Erasmus + projects of the organization with topics: Breaking the unemployment barrier (Youth M. Power), International communication (Level Up – Listen-Share- Understand) and Genders Enders mainstreaming and queer issues.

It was the first time I had participated in such a program abroad so I started my journey excited and I had many reasons to feel that way. Initially, after the quarantine, I would finally do something different. Then the topic of the program was extremely interesting and in combination with the fact that what I was expecting was how and how to visit Spain, meet new people from another culture and interact with them, I was interested.

One of my big goals was to improve my English, something that the whole program would help me a lot. I'm waiting for the second half of the program and I hope it is as interesting as the first.